Friday, May 05, 2006

Three Syllables

One day after my son had just turned 2 years old, we were laying on the couch together and he kept saying a word. I'm sure all you Moms know when they are that young, some times you just can't understand what they are saying! At this point

most of his words were 1 syllable, some 2 syllable.

I noticed he kept pulling on the throw blanket towards his head. Finally I realized he wanted me to hide under the covers with him from his Daddy, and for his Daddy to come and find us. I pulled the blanket high up over both our heads and said "We're hiding from Daddy." Boy was I ever shocked and elated when he said, as clearly as can be, with the biggest smile on his face and so much joy in his heart, "Exactly!"

He was so thrilled that Mommy finally understood him and was playing the game with him! Previously he would hide under the covers by himself and his Daddy would find him. This was the 1st time we played hide and seek together. No matter how old I get or how crazy I get from running my business, a household and taking care of my family by myself, I will never forget the 1st time my son said his 1st 3 syllable word, the beautiful smile on his face, and the joy he brought into my day!

God's greatest gifts to me were his son and mine!

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