Monday, November 06, 2006

How Do You Get Bible Time In With The Kids?

We are all so busy these days. Many of us Christian Moms work all day, cook dinner, clean house, run errands and take our children to extra curricular activities. Before you know it, its the kids bed time, we're all tired and we just don't have a half hour like my Mom, who didn't work and didn't drive, always did for Bible story time. Cynthia Powell from Chicks & Cubs has come up with the perfect solution that I just have to share!

When you have dropped the kids off at a friend's house or their extra curricular activities, take a Children's Everyday Bible and tape record yourself reading the daily lessons along with a bible verse to work on memorizing. Keep the tape in the car. Listen to the tape on the way to school, food shopping, friends houses and extra curricular activities.

Cynthia Powell
Christian Mom of 3 boys
Chicks & Cubs
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