Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You can help make a boy`s dream come true!

Shane is a young cancer patient at CHEO. He'd like to set a new record for the number of birthday cards received. Shane is seven now. His eighth birthday is May 30th.

NATHALIE BERNIER: "Every time he sees his name on a card, he`s all happy about it. And he says, it would be great Mom if I could have lots of cards for my birthday."

The birthday card record is really steep, 350 million cards! That was the number another boy received between his eighth and twenty-second birthdays.

NATHALIE BERNIER: "It just makes him happy and when you see him happy, you feel great......You know, it`s been pretty rough and when you see a smile on his face, it means everything so if I could help him do that for his birthday that`s like, it`s going to be amazing."

Even if Shane doesn't break the record, the cards will make him very happy.

Please send Shane a birthday card!

Mail it to:

***UPDATE: The Bernier family has requested that we stop sending cards. Shane received over 13 million cards. The power of God's love is awesome!

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