Saturday, August 25, 2007

An Answer To My Prayer

Many years ago my Mom died when I was only 12 years old. Naturally this was devastating for me. Every time a new occasion arose I felt a stab of pain deep in my heart. When my father gave me a key to the house, the door was never locked before because Mom was always home to greet me when I returned home from school, the first Mother's Day, the first Thanksgiving, I had to cook the turkey that year, the first Christmas, the list goes on and on. As the years passed,

with many prayers for strength and peace, the pain subsided and I came to live with the reality.

Getting engaged when I was 23 years old was a joyous occasion for me. As the wedding plans were being formulated and the date drew closer and closer, I started to feel that old familiar stab of pain deep in my heart because my Mother was not going to be sitting in the first row. This was a major event in my life and I felt cheated! Not only that but I thought I would walk down the isle crying and ruin the whole event!

About a week before my wedding I prayed to God and Jesus Christ to ease my pain and take away my anger so I wouldn't ruin my wedding day. I prayed hard and long with my eyes closed and then it happened! A bright light, very small at first growing larger and closer, revealed a vision of my Mother's face. In my mind I heard her speak, "I will be with you, rejoicing with you on your wedding day." Then the light grew smaller until it disappeared all together.

I immediately opened my eyes and very excitedly told my fiancee, who was sitting on the other couch in the same room with me, what had just happened! Words could not then nor can they now describe the happiness, love, comfort and peace that filled my heart and my spirit when God allowed my Mother to come to me. Needless to say, I walked down the isle with a smile on my face, happiness in my heart and a comforted spirit, not only because my mother was with me, but because through God and Jesus Christ my prayers were answered during my hour of greatest need.

Non-spiritual or non-Christians may say I fell asleep and dreamed this event. Let me explain, I have dreamed of my Mother many times since her death both before and after God and Jesus Christ sent my Mother to comfort me. I know when I have been sleeping and not. When ever I dream about my Mother I see her whole body and not just her face, there is realistic scenery not bright light and in my dreams my Mother never speaks to me or anyone.

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  1. Hi~ I'm just skipping around with the random button on my webring. Glad to read your page..

    I too have had a "moment" with God and no one could tell me different or take it away.

    God bless,