Friday, December 28, 2007

The Days After Christmas

I, like most people, spend months planning and preparing for Christmas Day. My Christmas calender is filled with events. I buy presents to give following in the footsteps of the three kings. I put my manger out on display and hang festive decorations. I prepare Christmas dinner and treats to share with loved ones so we may give thanks for the birth of our Savior on Christmas Day. How well we all know the rush to get everything done on time and the inspirational excitement of the upcoming celebration of the miraculous birth of Christ.
Christmas Day comes and I rejoice! All the days and months of planning are realized on this day.
But what happens during the days after Christmas Day?

I find the rush is over and the excitement has subsided and my Christmas calender is a little bare from December 26th to December 31st. I am glad for some time to rest and I enjoy watching my son playing with his new toys, but I wonder how I can keep the Christmas season alive a little longer and feel inspired for the upcoming New Year.
The day after Christmas, I realized I had 6 days to fill with something inspirational and here is what I came up with...
December 26th - Create a small scrap book titled, My Favorite Christmas Present. Each member of the family must select a heart warming Christmas present they received, not one of monetary value, and decorate a page that illustrates that gift. My gift was the joy displayed on my step mother's face when she opened the Christmas present my son gave her that was engraved with "I Love Grandma".
December 27th - Watch a rented movie of the story of the Nativity. When the movie is finished, each member of the family gets to tell which is his/her favorite part of the movie and why.
December 28th - Have a candle and prayers night. Each member of the family will light a candle and say a prayer for someone in need. Then they will all decide together on a way in which they can help that person the next day.
December 29th - Put your plans for helping others into action.
December 30th - Go through all your old clothes and toys and donate all the items that are in good condition to a not-for-profit organization.
December 31st - Ring in the New Year with an abundance of Christian love! Each member of the family will select and mark a holiday on the 2008 calender (excluding Christmas & Easter) that they will be in charge of bringing Jesus into. Then they will write out their plan of action while enjoying a yule log cake and eggnog and then store their plan in a safe place.
I pray you have inspirational days after Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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