Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wedding Gifts for The Home

While driving past a lovely old stone Church a few weeks ago, I saw a newly married couple being photographed. The bride was young and glowing in white and the groom stood tall and proud with his new wife. I said a prayer for them as I continued along my way.

After the ceremony and reception a life long commitment to love begins. Marriage can only be successful when the Lord is the center and the strength of a couple's love. What gift could be more memorable than a Christian gift for the home that you made yourself?

If you know calligraphy, that would be great! But a printed Christian marriage poem with the calligraphy font will do the trick. Select a beautiful paper background and document frame to complete your print.

Marriage Takes Three
Marriage takes three to be complete;
It’s not enough for two to meet.
They must be united in love
By love’s Creator, God above.
Then their love will be firm and strong;
Able to last when things go wrong,
Because they’ve felt God’s love and know
He’s always there, He’ll never go.
And they have both loved Him in kind
With all the heart and soul and mind
And in that love they’ve found the way
To love each other every day.
A marriage that follows God’s plan
Takes more than a woman and a man.
It needs a oneness that can be
Only from Christ-
Marriage takes three.
By: Beth Stuckwisch

Another wonderful wedding gift for the home that you can make yourself is a Christian cross. The cross is the symbol of Christ's sacrifice for our everlasting life. You can make a beautiful one that will match any decor.

1 Large Bundle of Twigs collected from outdoors or purchased from a craft store.

1 Small Bundle of Twigs
Artificial flowers and fillers (If you know the brides chosen wedding flower type and color, it would be great to use it on the cross.)
Hot Glue Gun

 1. Begin by trimming your bundles of twigs to the height and length you want them.
 2. Secure them together into a cross with twine.
 3. Trim the stems off of the artificial flowers and glue them into your preferred positioning.
4. Separate the filler flowers and tuck/twist them in between the branches. Hot glue in place if necessary.
5. Create a loop with extra twigs to secure on the back as a way to hang your cross.

**If you would like, you can buy a can of white spray paint and spray the twig cross and let the paint dry before decorating with flowers.

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