Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Fun with Christ in Mind!

Easter is a lot of fun for kids! They color eggs, go on Easter egg hunts, get a basket full of candy, maybe a gift or two and go to an Easter Day parade. As a Christian Mom, I want to bring the message of Christ's sacrifice on the cross, rising from the dead and ascent into Heaven into the commercial Easter bunny fun. But how?
As a child, my Mom always boiled the Easter eggs and helped us color them on Good Friday because it is a vacation day from school. I follow the tradition with my son even though he doesn't start school until this September. Why not decorate your colored eggs with religious Easter stickers instead of the commercial Easter bunny ones? Stickers are big with young kids these days and there are so many different ones available.

If your kids are creative, they can make their own with sticker paper, a computer, clip art, a printer and scissors. When the egg color is dry and the stickers are being applied, have your Bible open to this verse:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16
Depending on your children's ages, either explain what the verse means or ask them what it means to them.
I like to have an Easter egg hunt at home. I fill half the plastic Easter eggs with candy and the other half with little, inexpensive religious prizes. A small plastic cross ring or necklace, religious print balloon, eraser, what ever you can find that brings the true meaning of Easter into the commercial fun!

No basket full of Easter candy is ever complete without a chocolate cross and a Christian gift. Depending on the size of your Easter basket and your budget, there are many Christian gifts available. A Personalized Cross T-shirt, in pink for girls and blue for boys, can be rolled and wrapped for your child's Easter basket. An adorable Personalized Jesus Loves Me Teddy is the perfect centerpiece for your child's Easter basket and a cuddly Easter gift. And for infants, who don't get candle, you can't go wrong with this Personalized Lamb Baby Blanket.

If you are going to an Easter Day Parade, the whole family can wear Christian print T-shirts to help spread the message of Christ's sacrifice and promise of eternal life to the whole crowd!

Have fun with your kids this Easter and rejoice in the blessing of our Lord! God's forgiveness has no boundaries and Christ lives in Heaven offering us eternal life!

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