Monday, May 19, 2008

Because of My Father

As a child my Father helped me learn to tie my shoes by drilling holes in a wood block, adding shoe laces and sitting with me showing me over and over again until I got it right. My father taught me to swim and how to ride a bike. Because of my Father,

I learned that I could accomplish things. But the memory of childhood with my Father that stands out the most is the many times my Father spent hours gently combing the tangles out of my two foot long wavy hair. My Father showed me that men could be gently and loving.

As a teenager my Father drove me to Church and Baptist youth group, chaperoned parties, set up a schedule for household chores and gave me an allowance. Because of my Father, I learned the importance of faith, of being honorable in my actions, of being productive and the importance of a budget. But the memory of my teen years that stands out the most is when I told my Father I was leaving home at the tender age of eighteen. My Father did not stand in my way even though my words surely pained him greatly. My Father showed me how to put the wants and need of others before my own.

After I left home, I lost my way for awhile. Even though my Father disapproved of my way of life, he never disowned me. Because of my Father, I learned that love takes strength. My Father showed me the value of patience.

My father wasn't perfect. Sometimes he said or did things that hurt me. For many years I struggled with those things. It’s not until this year, the year I turn 50, that I realize how much like my Father I truly am. I am a woman who can accomplish things, a woman who can be gentle and loving, a woman of faith, an honorable woman, a productive woman, a woman who knows how to budget, a woman who puts the needs of others before my own, a woman of inner strength, a patient woman, a woman who is not perfect, a woman who sometimes says or does things that hurt others.

So this Father's Day I will honor my Father with a greater appreciation than I ever have before, because if it wasn't for my Father, I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

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