Monday, May 05, 2008

My Little Angel

I wrote this true story in September of 2007....

The first time I set eyes on my newly adopted son he was howling so loud, I thought he could be heard on the other end of the earth. But the moment I picked him up

and held him in my arms, his crying stopped. Then I bowed my head and thanked God for sending me my little angel.

From that moment on, I swear, my son rarely ever cried. Even when he woke up in the middle of the night he would babble joyfully and play with his crib toys and just wait for me to come to change his diaper or feed him.

When my son was a year old, other mothers were amazed that he would sit in his play pen with his toys for a few hours at a time without crying while I worked on my home business or cooked or cleaned house. One mother said, "My kids never left me alone that long!" I just smiled at my son, my little angel.

At the age of two, complete strangers would stop me in stores and comment on what a good little boy he was. He never screamed, cried, tried to jump out of the cart or demand things. He sat still and smiled and said, "Hi!" to everyone we passed by. I was so proud of my little angel.

One day when my son was three, we were having a conversation while waiting on line to pay for groceries. The woman behind us said, "I can’t believe he says please and thank you on his own at his age!" and I said, "Of course he does. I say it to him." Then I thought to myself, 'way to go, my little angel!'

Then my son turned 4 and I wanted to know, where oh where did my little angel go? How come I don’t have 5 minutes to myself, not even to go to the bathroom? How come when we are in the store he constantly makes obscene noises so other people look at him like he must be mentally disturbed? I’d also like to know who taught my son say the word no? It couldn’t have been me when I yelled, "No!" when I found him standing on the back of the couch or when I yelled, "No!" after the tenth time I had already said, "No." when he asked for, "Another cookie Mommy?" or when I yelled, "No!" when I discovered he spilled juice all over my glass coffee table and then rubbed a shaker full of salt into it, could it?

I started wondering for this upcoming Halloween, if I shouldn’t dress my son in a costume of half Mr. Jackal and half Mr. Hyde because one day he loves something and the next he hates it. One day he loves bananas and the next he hates them. One day he loves hot dogs and the next day he hates them. One day he loves cereal and the next day he hates it!

Then a few nights ago, I received some bad news and started to cry. My son walked over, sat on the couch next to me, put his little hand in mine and quietly said, "Don’t cry, I’m here Mommy." I picked my little angel up onto my lap and hugged him tight. Then I bowed my head and thanked God for sending me my little angel, even if a little of the devil has gotten into him lately!

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