Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Grandmother's Story

Here is my story it is completely true, yet when I tell the story to my family or other people they look at me as if I'm crazy.

I was at a real low time in my life.

I had tried to commit suicide. 2 days later I was asleep at home, when in my dreams a voice came to me and called me by my name. I don't remember being able to see the person the voice was coming from, but in my heart I knew it was Jesus. He told me that I still had things to do. To be strong. And then he kissed my forhead and the most beautiful light engulfed me. During this I felt so much love. It was so pure and enlightening. But I tell you everytime I see a beautiful sunset it reminds me of that light that surrrounded me, not as brilliant but close.

4 years after this I received custody of my grandson and a year later of my granddaughter. It took us 3 years to adopt them. They are blessing and I thank God everyday for giving us his son Jesus and my 2 beautiful grandkids.

Renee Hall

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