Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Poem for Sister

What a miraculous blessing it is
The love that sisters share,
A love that began the day you were born
And grows stronger within me every day.

I thank God he brought you to me
And for the person you've become,
A beautiful and wonderful sister
Unique, a very special one.

I see Gods goodness in your works
And the wisdom He has given you,
His guidance and presence blessing you
Day after day, your whole life through.

Each new day and every night
Standing strong by my side,
Sharing, caring and loving me
Like only a sister can.

I am so very proud of you
Words alone can not describe,
The blessing I received
The day that you were born.

I ask God for His mercy and care
Bestowed upon your life,
For when it comes to you, my sister dear
The joy you bring me is beyond compare.


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