Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

Our pastors are the men and women who guide us in the words of our Lord. They teach us how to be good Christians and how to spread the news of our Lord and eternal life. But our pastors do so much more than that. They lend us support through difficult times by reading the scriptures with us and praying with us. They make sure our church runs smoothly and efficiently. They Baptise us as John the Baptist Baptized Jesus. They help us to thank our Lord when we celebrate the good times.

While our Lord blesses our pastors' lives for doing his good works and surely our pastors are satisfied with our Lords blessings, there is no reason why we can't show our appreciation for all our pastors do for us, our families, our church and all our church's members. One way we can show our appreciation for our pastor is to have a Pastor Appreciation Diner! Each family can donate a hot dish, salad or desert for a buffet. Members can volunteer to setup and clean-up. Each Sunday school class can perform a song or skit. A church member can be selected to say grace. Your pastor can sit back and relax and enjoy an evening of entertainment and a delicious meal handled completely by his church members both young and old, dedicated just to him or her!

To finish off the evening, a church member can be selected to write and read an appreciation letter to the pastor from all his church members and another church member can be selected to present your pastor with an inspirational gift.

Previous to the dinner, one member of the church is selected to collect a $1.00 donation from each church family for a Pastor Appreciation Gift. Then purchasing a wonderful gift your pastor will be inspired by is very possible!

Holding a surprise Pastor Appreciation Dinner and giving your pastor a pastor appreciation gift, will surely let your pastor know how truly appreciated he is!

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