Saturday, February 21, 2009

Janitor or Guardian Angel

When my son was a month old, we made a trip out of state so my parents could hold their new Grandson for the first time. While driving home, my son started wailing to be fed. I couldn’t bear to leave him crying in hunger for the ½ hour it would take to arrive home, so we stopped at the rest area just ahead.

My son’s bottle was ice cold from the cooler causing him to cry even louder with hunger and dismay. I realized, running the bottle under hot water would heat it up so I sent my husband to the men’s room to do my biding while I tried to comfort my son.

My husband found the “hot” water from the faucet wasn’t even lukewarm. It would never warm the bottle to my son’s liking. Just as he turned from the sink to return to me with the bad news, he was surprised by a janitor standing right behind him. The janitor offered to turn on the main hot water spigot and heat up the bottle for my son. In less than a minute the bottle was sufficiently warmed. My husband thanked the janitor and returned to me and our son.

As I fed my son who greedily satisfied his hunger, my husband told me what had just happened. He said, “It’s strange that I didn’t hear the janitor come into the men’s room. The hinges on the door squeaked loudly when I entered and left. He was just suddenly there.”

When my son finished his bottle we started for home. Just as we passed the main entrance to the rest area building, out popped the janitor waving goodbye with a huge smile. I waved a big thank you to the janitor and turned and said to my husband, “You know, if he had stepped out of the building just a second later, I would have missed him! And, did you notice how glowing his eyes were, just like heavenly stars ”

I often remember the sudden and unusually quiet appearance of the janitor in the men’s room just when we needed him, his incredibly good timing appearing just as our car passed the building entrance and his beautifully glowing eyes. I wonder, was the janitor really just a man or perhaps my son’s guardian angel?

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