Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

There's nothing better than being a mother! My son made me the cutest card at school and brought home a little pansy. This is the 1st Mother's Day card he ever made me all by himself with his own two little hands. You can bet it is going in my china cabinet where I can see it all the time!

Remember to honor your mother on Mother's Day. Being a mom myself, I realize all that moms go through to give us the proper up bringing in faith. It's a tough world out there and already, in kindergarten, I see my son battling a whole new world that sometimes he just doesn't understand. I'm proud to say when the occasion arose, he turned the other cheek and won a little battle all his own.

Enjoy the day being a mom and get those dads and kids to wait on you hand and foot. You deserve it!

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