Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sweets

My son has always been a little afraid to learn to ride his bike, especially on our rocky Pocono Mountain community roads. Since Easter was a beautiful Spring day, in the afternoon, my husband and I took my son to the school parking lot. There he could practice riding on a smooth paved surface. We were delighted when he rode his bike for the longest time ever with the most joy and confidence he has ever displayed so far. We both just wished he could do the same at home.

As we were about to pull into our driveway my son said, "Look! Yellow flowers." My husband stopped our truck for a moment so we could enjoy them. I said, "Bloomed for the first time ever on Easter day!" as my son said, "Ahhh... That's sweet."

This is the 2nd Spring we have lived in this rented house. No daffodils bloomed here the year before. The sight of them was an unexpected, beautiful treat.

After we pulled into our driveway, my son asked his dad to get his bike out of the truck. He had never done that before. He would just run into the house and start playing, leaving the fear of bike ridding behind.

My husband and I couldn't believe it when my son jumped on his bike and peddled off. Not a worry on his mind, just a huge smile across his face. It seemed like the sight of those daffodils filled his little heart with so much joy he forget his fear.

As I watched my son ride off and a tear of joy spilled down my cheek, I thought, 'Yes... The daffodils are sweet.' Then I thanked God for those daffodils, a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth. A symbol of the gifts made possible for us all through Jesus our Savior. Those gifts which are our true Easter sweets.

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  1. Elaine That is SWEET! I am praising the Lord with you and rejoicing in His mighty ways! How wonderful His love for us that he sent His son and then sent your son those flowers! I pray for many more God moment for your family!

    Blessings - Carla