Monday, July 19, 2010

Be A Garden Shepherd

People have told me I have a green thumb. I say, ‘God has the green thumb. Not me. If it weren’t for the beautiful flowers, unique plants, graceful trees, rich earth, rain water and sunshine He created, my garden wouldn’t be what it is today.’When I owned a home I had a front and backyard. In total, 5 garden areas where God blessed me with His green thumb. Now that I live in a rental home, I have 2 large decks. One in the front and one in the back. From one end to the other, God’s green thumb has blessed me with potted flowers, plants and even a couple of trees.

I am just the garden shepherd. I gather my flock of plants and I tend to them. I choose to be a garden shepherd because it adds meaning to my life. I feel like I have arranged God’s creations in a pleasing way in a small place in this world. I escape from the mundane chores of life and toil in a way that brings joy and peace to not only me, but all who enter my gardens.

The garden is a wonderful place to pray and read the Bible and it is easy to inspire daily devotions.

8/8/14 Update:
Once again I have been  blessed with a home of my own. I have a blank slate on which to be a garden shepherd again. The first thing my son and I did was plant a small memory garden for his dad. A rose tree with a Personalized Garden Memorial.

I have a front yard, back yard, and a huge deck. It will take me years to bring the glory of God's creations to my gardens. It is both a challenge and a blessing.

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