Saturday, March 05, 2011

Easter Lily Poems

The Story The Easter Lily Tells

The Easter lily trumpet silently sounds,
New Life is here for all.
Just ask Christ into your heart,
And know love like never before.

The Easter lily's blossom of white,
Its color a silent message tells.
Stay pure in heart and true to the Lord,
And hope and joy will be yours.

The Easter lily's leafy stalk of green,
Tall and strong it grows.
Up towards heaven it reaches to remind us,
Of the promise of eternal life that can be ours.

The Easter Lily's Message

An Easter Lily I give you,
On this very special day.
The day we celebrate our Messiah,
And the message, for which His life, He gave.

Passionate, humble and serving,
Of our Father in heaven above.
Purity, hope and faith,
Our redeemer taught us to love.

An Easter Lily I give you,
A lovely reminder it is indeed.
That without our one and only Savior,
Eternal life there would not be.

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