Tuesday, October 04, 2011

An Inspirational Autumn Poem

A Leaf of Threes

A sugar maple leaf I see,
Fallen from a sturdy tree.

Three points around a single stem,
Three veins that reach up to the ends.

Three colors come together and blend,
Gold and orange and brown on the edge.

A message from this leaf of threes,
Of faith and hope and love for thee.

Faith on the left and hope on the right,
Love in the center with the greatest height.

This leaf of threes drifted from above,
As gently and peacefully as a white winged dove.

In my Good Book I will press it in trust,
That it will not wither and die and turn to dust.

And when upon this sugar maple leaf I glance,
I feel the power of the Holy Trinity and not by chance.

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