Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas Without A Child

When a parent has lost a child, often they would like to pretend Christmas won't come this year. Some parents change holiday traditions to try and cope with the loss, others don't celebrate at all. It's hard to say how a grieving parent will react to the upcoming holiday.

Children are supposed to outlive their parents. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. It doesn't really matter whether disease or an accident took their child, the parent faces the pain of the loss everyday. Holidays are even worse.

Parents ask themselves, 'How can I possible enjoy Christmas day, never mind the entire season?' They see holiday lights, Christmas trees and passerby with other children filled with glee. All of it makes there loss and pain all that more poignant.

Of course Christmas will come this year, and every year. So what can we do to help to comfort the bereaved? I don't believe there are any right words that can help a parent deal with the holiday at hand. I do believe offering a comforting connection between the parents Christian spirituality and the child's soul can. The right sympathy gift for Christmas will do just that.

It's probably best to
gently try and find out how your sympathy gift recipient is handling Christmas Day and the holiday season before selecting a Christmas sympathy gift. If your sympathy gift recipient will have a tree, a wood Personalized Baby in Heaven Angel Ornament or glass Personalized Baby in Heaven Angel Ornament will honor the memory of their child and help them to share the holiday this year and for years to come with their child. If your sympathy gift recipient decides to not celebrate Christmas at home in the traditional way, but will attend family gatherings, jewelry would be more suitable. If the parents plan on driving to a new destination for the holiday, a Personalized Doves & Heart Key Chain is a comforting sympathy gifts of faith. For those who choose to stay in the comfort of their home without traditional celebrations, a Personalized Never Forgotten Picture Frame or a Personalized In Loving Memory Wood Plaque.

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