Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Sympathy Poem for Spring

The New Life of Spring

When a life here on earth has ended,
Great sadness fill our days.
But life here on earth must continue,
So bare when a loved one has passed away

Pray for the grace to move forward,
For a little joy to brighten each day.
Know that the Lord has all the power,
He will carry you along your way.

As the trees look bare from a distance,
Happiness seems miles away.
But you only need to walk up closer
To see the buds sprouting on a new Spring day.

Christ left this life upon two branches,
And darkness covered the land.
But on the third day, He rose anew,
Into the light of a new Spring day.

So let the new life of Spring delight you,
The love of the Lord fill each day He has made.
And know in your heart the warm Spring breeze,
Is the Lord caressing your tears away.
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