Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dad's Prayers for His Graduate

Father in heaven,
Bless my son.
Guide him to use his knowledge wisely.
I pray it will make his journey of
New responsibilities to face
Filled with success by your grace.
Help him to nourish his faith
And find the the inner strength
To bring purpose to his days.
Allow him to use his skills
To bring fulfillment his way.
But most of all I pray
He will forever remember,
That knowledge comes from mans books
But true wisdom comes from Your word.

Dear Lord,
Bless my daughter a new graduate,
She overflows with knowledge and joy.
She looks forward to her future,
With a loving heart filled with hope.
I pray her faith in You
Will show her the way,
To fill the plans You have for her
Each and every day.
Be a lamp unto her feet,
 To guide and light her way,
To use her knowledge generously
To bring purpose to her days.
When trouble find its way to her
 And an answer must be found.
I pray she seeks your wisdom
And finds Your words profound.

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