Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Realizing Our Blessings on Thanksgiving Day

Throughout the year we receive many blessings. Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time of the year remember our blessings and thank the Lord for them. It is also a wonderful time to tell those we love how much we appreciate them. You can do all of that by creating a Thanksgiving dinner prayer that each member of your family contributes to.

A week before Thanksgiving, create a family journal. It can be as simple as 7 sheets of lined paper stapled together or as elaborate as a scrapbook. Title each of the 7 pages; Family, Friends, Home, Church, Work/School, Health, and Accomplishments. Then each evening after dinner, open your journal. Starting with the first page, each member of the family will write down one event from the previous year that fits suits the journal page's title. For example, for the Family page you might write, the birth of a new baby, a marriage, or something special a family members did that made the writer feel blessed.

On Thanksgiving Day just before the feast, pass the journal around the table to each family member. Each family member will read his/her 7 entries out loud. Then he/she will Thank the Lord in prayer. Finish with the head of the household. When he/she has completed their journal reading, the head of the household can finish with a prayer of thanks to the Lord for all the blessings bestowed upon the entire family.

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