Thursday, December 06, 2012

Creating Smiles With Special Deliveries

Mary Blake, the founder of Molly's Babies, Inc., is taking gently used dolls, cleaning them up and then fixing their hair. Then the dolls are dressed in hand sewn, crocheted or store bought outfits. When available, new dolls are used as well. Some dolls will also come with, when available, their own blanket. Then the Molly Babies will be sent to little girls that don’t have a baby to hold and care for. Teddy bears are given to little boys and all of Molly’s Babies come with a Birth Certificate and gift card

Mary Blake started this non-profit organization in honor of her Granddaughter who passed away at 6 weeks old and will never get a chance to care for her own baby doll

Here's the best part, Molly's Babies, Inc. gives 100% of your donation to dolls for girls, teddy bears for boys and business supplies to keep the effort alive. Did you ever hear of a Non-Profit organization that didn't pay any salaries? This is such a wonderful organization!

How would you feel if your little girl didn't have a doll to cuddle and love or your little boy didn't have a soft teddy bear to calm him to sleep at night? Let's all do what we can to keep this very touching and worthwhile effort alive!

Send check or money order donations to:
Molly’s Babies
P.O. Box 308
Versailles, CT. 06383

Donate via PayPal here.

Or show your interest in becoming a volunteer here

God Bless Mary Blake and all those who help her in any way they possibly can!

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  1. Hi, I wanted to thank Inspirational Mom for posting about Molly's Babies Inc. on her blog.. we are trying to get the word about MB and what we do.. Thank you again :-)