Monday, February 18, 2008

Bloggers Enter to Win a Mother's Bracelet!

Two Moms In a Blog is moving to Chrysanthemoms very soon. To kick-off the big move, they are having a great contest! Brodie Girl Boutique is the prize sponsor of a Silver or Gold plated 12 language mother’s bracelet!
To enter the contest you need to describe yourself in a post on your blog using the 14 letters that spell out the new blog name, Chrysanthemoms, include a link to the new blog and a link to the contest sponser, Brodie Girl. Then leave a comment to the contest post at Two Moms In a Blog that includes a link to your post on your blog.

So here I am:
H- Humane
R- Reasonable
Y- Youthful in heart and mind.
S- Self-confident
N- Neighborly
T- Truthful
H- Hopeful
E- Efficient
M- Mom to one
O- Organized
M- Motivated towards continued succees as a work at home Mom.
S- Supportive of others endeavors.

That was fun!
Elaine K Stephen


  1. I love your list, sound very much like how I wish I could describe myself.