Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My First Bible

My First Bible

My first Bible shined new on Baptism Day.
But now greatly worn
On a shelf it lays.

The binding is torn
And the pages are rumpled,
But the words of our Lord,
Keep me unforlorn.

Within my first Bible
Special bookmarks lay.
One of pressed flowers
And a birchbark cross
That I made.

My Mother's passing,
My sister's wedding,
Bookmarks in my first Bible
Their memories everlasting.

I will keep my first Bible
For all of my days,
For no other will do,
No matter how shiny and new.

The scriptures and memories
My first Bible contains,
Will guide me and comfort me
The rest of my days.

As a teen I read my first Bible from cover to cover. It went to Pioneer girl camp with me where I made the birchbark cross. It went to youth retreats with me and it sat on a shelf in my bedroom when not in use.

As a young adult I strayed from the good Christian life I led and my first Bible was packed away in a box.

As a more mature adult, I found my way back to God and Jesus Christ and my first Bible was unpacked. Forgiveness from God is the gift Jesus Christ brought us. It truly is awesome isn't it?

Recently I read the entire New Testament of my first Bible from beginning to end.

Every day I thank Jesus Christ and God for every blessing and ask for their guidance in all I do.

My first Bible will always be my favorite Bible.

Would you like to share the story of your first Bible? I'd love to hear it!

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