Monday, September 08, 2008

Sept. 21st - 27th is Christian Leadership Week!

Christian Leadership Week is usually the time when pastors, Sunday school teachers and youth group leaders join together to find innovative ways in which to strengthen their followers both young and old in their knowledge of the Bible and their faith in our Lord. Why not make it a week in which you and I, if we're not pastors, Sunday school teachers or youth group leaders, spend the week thinking of innovative ways in which we can lead non believers to Christianity?
Think about the things you love to do and how you can use one or more of them to bring a Christian message to someone who needs to find the Lord. Here are a few ideas:
If you love to bake: Fill a gift basket full of your homemade cupcakes decorated with Christian icing messages including hope, faith, peace, love, a cross, a Christian fish, etc. Don't forget to add a flyer in a plastic zip lock bag with information about your Church location, service hours, Sunday school and youth group. Take the basket over and welcome the new comers to your neighborhood and invite them to your church.
If you love gardening: Create a small garden near the sidewalk or street of your property. In the center of the garden have a mail box and replant flowers seasonally. Hang a painted sign on the mailbox that reads, 'Take a card from within and learn the message this flower sends.' Print small post cards with a picture of the current seasons flower on the front and a Christian message and your church name and address on the back. Two great examples are the Legend of the Poinsettia and the Easter Lily.
If you love the beach: Draw a large circle near your beach blanket and smooth the sand within. Then walk across the circle leaving one set of Footprints in the sand. the write in the sand, 'Ask me who these footprints are?' When someone asks you, tell them about a hard time you experienced in your life and how the Lord carried you through.

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