Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Little Drummer Boy

I asked my son to write a letter to Santa and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. His letter was short and sweet;

Dear Santa



He elaborated by telling me he wanted four drums, one really big drum and two cymbals, not a small drum and only one cymbal. I told him Santa has so many little boys and girls to deliver presents for, maybe he will only bring one drum and one cymbal. My son sat down and wrote another letter to Santa;

Dear Santa



I was up all night Christmas Eve. First wrapping presents and then anticipating my sons awakening. After the, "WOW! look at all the presents Santa brought for me!" and my son checked to make sure Santa ate his big cookie and drank his water (my son said Santa likes water not milk) my son went straight for the biggest box. Before he even opened it, he knew it was the really big drum with the two cymbals. After an hour of assembling the entire set, including the seat, my son began to play very enthusiastically. That's when I realized, I should have wrote a letter to Santa;

Dear Santa,

Ear Plugs


I thank God every day that I have a happy, healthy, energetic little boy. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. Although right now, I would trade almost anything else for those ear plugs!

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