Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Give An Easter Tulip Bouquet of Many Colors?

Tulips are believed to be messengers of love, passion and belief, these three being the basis of the Christian faith. Giving an Easter tulip bouquet of many colors

brings Christ's love for us, His passion to fulfill His Father's will and our belief in the same together beautifully. When you give an Easter tulip bouquet, you want to be sure to ask your florist to include one pink, one purple, one orange, one red, one black, one yellow, one white and one spring green tulip. Each tulip's color reminds us of Jesus.

Pink is for His love for us.
Purple is for His hour of sorrow.
Orange is for His agony.
Red is for the blood He shed.
Black is for the sins He forgave.
Yellow is for the light of His Resurrection.
White is for His purity.
Spring green is for the eternal life He gives.

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