Tuesday, May 04, 2010

6 Inspirational Gifts That You Can Afford To Make!

I love inspiring people with Christian gifts, especially when they really need an inspirational lift. Unfortunately, sometimes my pocketbook isn't as full as my heart. Of course, I wouldn't let a little thing like that stop me and neither should you!

When cash flow is down and your gift giving level is high, it's time to get your hands busy and make the perfect inspirational gift. Here's what I came up with...

1. Count Your Blessings Basket

Sometimes hard times overshadow our blessings. This Count Your Blessings Basket is a gift that inspires joy in all the Lord has provided us.
Most of us have a recycling bin full of empty plastic bottles and you can use one to make this inspirational gift. Cut the top half off of a plastic bottle. The bottom of the bottle is your basket. Cut a strip of plastic from the bottle top for a handle. Cover the handle and the cut end of your bottle bottom with construction paper to prevent cuts from jagged edges. Glue the handle to the basket. Decorate the basket by gluing on items from nature. In the fall you could use a collage of leaves. If you live near the beach sea shells. Perhaps acorns and/or small pine cones. Then think about your gift recipient and all the blessings they have in their lives. Type up a list on your computer. To each blessing you typed, add an appropriate Bible verse. Print your list. Cut out each of the blessings with their Bible verse and fold them up. Fill your basket and voila! An inspirational gift!

2. Encouraging You Collage
After the joy of graduation or the landing of that 1st big job, sometimes our young adult son or daughter experiences feelings of insecurity at the journey that lies ahead. This Encouraging You Collage is a gift that inspires inner strength through the Lord.
Go through all the photos of your child that you have collected though out the years. Select the photos that display your son's or daughter's achievements. On each photo write a phrase that describes their inner quality that helped them achieve. Examples: Write on a photo of the first time your son road his bike on his own "Your perseverance led to your success." Write on a photo of your daughter making her fist batch of cookies, "Your creativity is abundant." Paste all the photos in collage format on a 8" X 10" piece of white poster board. Use a photo-safe glue stick. Select an inexpensive photo frame with a mat. On the mat write the verse,
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11
Review the pictures with your son or daughter and remind him/her that the Lord has already given them all the qualities that they need to succeed. Your one-of-a-kind inspirational gift will encourage your son or daughter all their life.

3. Love is... Stepping Stones
Newly wed couples will be inspired with Christian love when entering their first home by way of these Love is... Stepping Stones.
You'll need to lay down some newspaper on your work surface and wear eye protection, rubber gloves and old clothes that cover your skin. Mix concrete according to manufactures directions. Of you want colored stones you can buy and add liquid concrete color according to manufacturers directions. Spoon the concrete mixture into 7 clear, plastic planter saucers. Fill each mold about half full and smooth it down. Lay a piece of screening or hardware cloth cut to size into the molds and then finish scooping the cement into the molds until full. Gently tap around the outside of the molds to help remove any air bubbles and also to help even out the top. Now leave your stepping stones alone to set for 30 to 60 minutes. Then you can start decorating.
On each stone use a craft stick to write the sayings.
On the 1st stone write, Love is...
On the 2nd stone write, Patient
On the 3rd stone write, Kind
On the 4th stone write, Love Protects
On the 5th stone write, Always Trusts
On the 6th stone write, Always Hopes
On the 7th stone write, Always Perseveres
You can also place pebbles in the concrete to form hearts and crosses. If you make a mistake, you can simply remove the items, flatten out the top with the side of a craft stick or spoon, tap the sides to smooth, and start over again.
The stepping stones must sit for 2 - 3 days without being disturbed - do not move them. Once they are dry, you can gently pop them out of the molds. Seal the top of your stepping stones with a clear acrylic sealer. Let your stepping stones sit for another week before gift giving and your recipients place outside. When the stones are placed outside they should not be raised above ground more than about 1/2-inch so people don't trip on them and also so the stones don't break. A unique inspirational gift of Christian love!

4. Supper Blessings Book
Does dad say the same old dinner blessing every night of the week. Inspire his thanks to the Lord with a Super Blessings Book. This is a great gift for the kids to make dad for Father's Day.
Let the children search the internet for seven new supper blessings. Take 7 pastel color pieces of construction paper and different darker color magic markers and write a different supper blessing on each piece of paper. Decorate each page by drawing pictures of different food items, a turkey, bread, etc. and coloring in with crayons. Place the pages in a neat pile and punch holes on the edge on top, middle and bottom of the pages. With yarn or ribbon, tie the book pages together. Your child/children can sign the back of the book or the individual pages that they made by themselves. Now that's an inspirational Father's Day gift the whole family will benefit from!

5. Christmas Angel Vase
Angel Gabriel revealed to Mary and that she was chosen to bear God's son. Another angel informed Joseph that he should marry Mary and look after Christ. A Christmas angel appeared to the shepherds near Bethlehem and told them about the Christ Child's birth as well. A Christmas Angel Vase will inspire joy in the birth of Christ for many years to come.
If you have a glass vase great! If not you can pick one up at a dollar/discount store or perhaps a garage sale. Select an angel stencil from a craft store, acrylic paint(s), a paint brush and a clear glass coat. Tape the stencil to the vase, lay the vase down on newspaper and paint the angel. You can use 1 color of paint or as many as you like. You can paint just an outline or fill the entire stencil in as you like. When the angel is dry you will finish it with clear glass coat.
A lovely inspirational Christmas gift that any Christian woman will cherish.

6. Easter Cross
Nothing inspires us to rejoice with, "He Is Risen!" better than an Easter Cross of flowers.
All you need is a 1/2" thick, 16" long tree branch and a 1/2" thick, 12" long tree branch, a tan suede shoe lace and silk flowers of your choice from the dollar/discount store. Place the 12" stick across the 16" stick forming a cross. Trim excessive stem from silk flowers leaving about 3" on each stem. Arrange silk flowers at center of cross. Tie flowers to cross with leather shoe lace in crisscross fashion. This inspirational Easter gift looks great hung on a front door or over a fireplace mantel.

If you have an idea for an inspirational gift that is inexpensive to make, why not share it?


  1. What wonderful ideas you have for gifts. I found them to be very creative. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I forgot to share my idea... Well, I like to go nature walking. While nature walking this week, I and my son gathered twigs together. I like to collect things and put them into an inexpensive frame along with an inspirational quote inside for a beautiful inspiring gift.