Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About Loving Your Brother

I just read a blog post that really hit home. Thank you Virginia for being the inspiration that opened my eyes and heart. I bet every one of us could think of a similar situation in our own lives as those Virginia was so kind to share with us at Love Your Brother, Your Enemy, And Everyone In-Between.

I believe if we are honest with ourselves, we will find we all have planks to walk. So many times I have been approached by followers of a particular religious group of which I am not a member. Many times at my front door and very recently in the Walmart parking lot. These intrusions in my day became quite irritating to me. So many times I have said, "Not interested!" and slammed my door in their faces. Next time I think I will take the time to listen to and speak with them. Perhaps I can show them the true way of our Lord. I may not succeed in my feeble attempt to convert them, but at least I will have shown compassion to another human being of a different faith. And you never know, if I make the attempt time and time again, perhaps one day I will succeed. My father told me that my mother once did.

Would you like to share one of your planks? Perhaps if you do, you'll inspire someone else to change one plank in their life too.

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