Monday, May 31, 2010

Honor a Fallen Soldier on Memorial Day with Red, White & Blue

As I ready my family for a fun filled day off of work and school to celebrate the Memorial Day red, white and blue of our American flag for me, my family, my friends.
While the Continental Congress left no record indicating why red, white and blue were the colors chosen for our flag, on Memorial Day the reasons are clear to me.

holiday. I stop for a moment to remember the true meaning of the day. Memorial Day is to honor our soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country. The men who honored the
Red stands for all the blood that was shed. Christ shed His blood to save our souls and our soldiers shed their blood to save our freedom. 
Personalized Fallen Soldiers Photo Garden Flag
White is for pure courage. Christ new His fate, faced His fears and carried out God's plan for Him so that we could be saved and have eternal life. Our soldiers stand strong, following orders, not knowing their fate so that we may remain safe in our homes. 
Blue is for glory. As we honor and give thanks to our Lord and all He gives us, we should do the same for our soldiers past and present.

God Bless Our Soldiers!

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