Sunday, June 06, 2010

Father's Day Poems for Father's Day Gifts

My Tree

For as long as I can remember
My tree has been there.
A tree I’ve looked up to
Throughout the years.

My tree’s trunk grows tall
And only so wide
Yet it stands strong enough to support me
As I make my climb.

When I am filled with Spring creativity
My tree buds with praise.
When I feel the heat of Summer anger
My tree’s leaves provide much needed shade.
When I Fall with disappointment
My tree’s leaves rest beside me.
When I feel hard and cold as Winter
My tree’s rings of wisdom rejuvenate me.

My tree’s branches grow out
Far and wide.
Yet they bend in the breeze
Just enough to encircle me.

Today I thank my tree
For always being there.
Today I thank my father
For being the tree the Lord provided for me.

God Made You

God made you as peaceful as a dove resting on a branch.
God made you as comforting as a valley of green grass.
God made you as generous as the wild flowers grow.
God made you as wise as the Great Grey Owl.
God made you as powerful as a rushing stream.
God made you stand firm in your belief like a mountain.
God made you as bright as the stars above.
God made you soar high in life like a Golden Eagle.

But God wasn’t finished yet with His work of art.
There was one more thing God wanted to make you.
Then one day God made you my father.
And everyday I say thank you Lord for the best ever Dad!

Waves of Love

On calm, sunny days the waves seem to roll in ever so slow and delightfully.
On dark, stormy days the waves seem to rush in way to fast and harsh.
During the day there are high tide waves and low tide waves.
Over the years, I have come to know your waves.
When I have pleased the Lord, your waves have been like a sunny day.
When I have displeased the Lord, your waves have been like a stormy day.

Today I say thank you dad for all the waves.
The waves that taught me right from wrong.
For these are the waves of love.

The waves of love that made me the Christian woman I am today.


Have you written an inspirational Father's Day poem to go with your Father's Day gift? If so, I'd love for you to share it in a comment!

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