Monday, November 29, 2010

A Christian Christmas Poem

As soon as I've consumed the family Thanksgiving dinner, gone Black Friday shopping with my sister and traveled back home to the Poconos where I live, I am flooded with Christmas memories and begin planning this year's Christmas celebrations. I couldn't help but write this Christian Christmas poem...

Christmas Memories

I have many Christmas memories.
Decorations abound, inside and out,
A turkey dinner and presents beneath the tree.

But greatest of all are the memories of,
All the ways in which my mother celebrated
The wonder of Jesus’ life with her family.

She set up the nativity scene with great care,
Then she read the story of Jesus’ birth
While we sat and listened at her feet.

On Christmas Eve we sang songs to celebrate Jesus’ birth.
On Christmas Day we thanked Jesus for coming into our hearts.
Throughout the season, we celebrated Jesus as our Savior.

But there was one Christmas memory that perplexed me.
It was the tears I saw sparkling in my mother’s eyes,
When she brought the true meaning of Christmas to life.

But one day the Lord whispered the answer in my heart.
They were her tears of love and thankfulness,
For Jesus and His Father in Heaven, and all of us.

So my favorite Christmas memories, are memories of love.
God’s love for me, Christ’s love for me, my mother’s love for me.
The love I take and pass on, for my son’s own Christmas memories.

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