Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day Poems

Thank You Mother

Morning, noon and night
Whenever I had a need.
All I had to do was call
And by my side you would be.

You taught me all the fundamentals.
You encouraged me to excel.
You showered me with love and affection.
Then you set me free, without deserting me.

The greatest gift you've given me
Is my faith in the Lord above.
Yes, you taught me with your words
But you showed me like a dove.

Every day I thank the Lord
For blessing me with you.
For I was born to a very special mother
Who guides me through and through.

My Prayer for You

Today I say a prayer
The Lord will bless your day.
That whatever you require
He will send your way.
I pray for joy and peace
To fill your everyday.
I pray you feel my love
That is always sent your way.

Happy Mother's Day

A mother's faith is strong
It shows her the Lord's way.
Then she passes it on to her children
That they might grow stronger day by day.
I couldn't ask for a better mother
Than the one the Lord has given me.
So I say a prayer of thanks for you
And wish for you a Happy Mother's Day!

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