Monday, May 16, 2011

Memorial Day Poems Prayers

A Day to Remember

There is a day we stop and remember,
The men who fought with bravery.
Those who shed their blood and lost their lives,
So our country could live in liberty.

There is a day we stop and remember
The colors that we love.
The red, white and blue of freedom,
That fit our country like a glove.

White for purity of purpose,
Red for valor during battle,
Blue for justice paid to those who threaten us,
Are the gifts our Lord blessed upon our men.

There is a day we stop and remember,
That our men have not died in vain.
For after every battle is won,
Our country's standards reign.

Wave a flag,
Place a flower upon a grave,
Say a prayer of thanks on Memorial Day.
For the price of freedom was freely paid.

God Bless America
While persecution spreads from land to land,
Our allegiance to freedom remains the same.
Many soldiers fought our many enemies,
To keep our great country's liberty.
Much blood was shed and many lives were lost,
I keep those men and their families in my prayers.
Then I thank you Lord for the land that I love,
And with joy I shout, God Bless America!

A Memorial Day Prayer for Our Soldiers
My God who gave His only Son,
To shed His blood for all mankind.
Give strength to all the loving ones,
Who give their sons to keep our land free.
Your faithful men and women,
Venture near and far.
We call upon your mercy,
No matter where they are.
Keep them safe, one and all,
On land, in air, on sea.
And while we know some will not return,
Give us strength to accept their destiny.
And to the men that have fallen,
Give a special place of grace in eternity.
And help me Lord to never forget,
The price they paid for our great county.

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