Monday, May 09, 2011

This Memorial Day

There is a day to honor the lives of our fallen soldiers. The brave men who faced and fought our country's enemies and died in battle. It is Memorial Day.

It seems so many Americans have forgotten the true meaning of Memorial Day. A day off from work, a picnic in the park or frolicking at the beach has become the main focus of the day. Where are the flowers at the grave? The main street parades? The American flag proudly displayed at every home front?

If it were not for the blood shed of American soldiers, I wonder, 'Who would rule our country today?'

Those of us who remember the true meaning of Memorial Day need to get the message across to the young and unknowing or the absent minded. Memorial Day should be one of great honor to the soldiers of both past and present war. It is not a day just for the families of fallen soldiers. Each and every one of us should stop for a moment of quiet to honor the bravery and feel the great sorrow of the loss of every one of these men!

This coming Memorial Day should be special one for those of us who live to see its sun rise and fall. Many soldiers have died over the past 10 years in the effort to end the terror of al Qaeda. It is the courage of our soldiers who put an end to the reign of Osama bin Laden. We can say a prayer of thanks to the Lord that none of those particular soldiers died in that particular mission, but so many others in the past have. Men who proudly shed their blood and gave their lives for you, for me, for our children, for the future of our country, to put an end to terrorism.

This Memorial Day, please raise a USA flag in pride, give a moment of quiet honor to our fallen soldiers, say a prayer for the families of our fallen men, thank the Lord for the courage He gives to those who still fight our battle for us, remind all who you come in contact with to do the same.

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