Friday, May 27, 2011

Poems for Father's Day Cards

I thank the Lord everyday
For a father as great as you.
A man who taught me right and wrong
Who carved a path for me.

You taught me strength and independence,
Gentleness and kindness too.
And every time I had a question
You helped me find the answer.

I couldn't be the person I am
If it weren't for the father you are.
A man who walks with the grace of God
And shared that path with me.

People come and people go,
But Dads are always there.
Through thick and thin
They're by your side,
Helping you find your way.

Words alone can not express
How truly grateful I am.
To have a Dad as great as you
Happy Father's Day!

You touched my hand
The day was born.
You held my hand
When I was a boy.
You shook my hand
As I became a man.
Now I offer my hand
In anyway I can,
Because you are my Dad.

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