Thursday, June 16, 2011

Remembering Dad

If you know someone who has recently lost their father, this Father's Day may be bitter sweet for them. You need to be understanding of the bereaved's feeling of bitterness that may come to the surface knowing that they will not be able to visit their dad on Father's Day this year, or ever again. But it's also a time for the bereaved to savor the sweet memories of times spent with dad in the past. You can help the bereaved find joy in the day by 
sharing some of your favorite memories of their dad with the bereaved.

If you won't be with the bereaved, send them a heart felt note or call them on the phone. Depending on how long or well you know the bereaved, you can share a memory from their childhood, teen years and/or adult hood. Times when you where there to see how loving, understanding and fun their dad was to be with. Tell them you know how much they miss their dad, and if your were close to their dad, how much you miss him as well.

A memory filled sympathy gift received by the bereaved a few days after Father's Day, will be a great comfort to the bereaved. It confirms your true feelings of concern for them and honors the memory of their father. A Personalized Picture Frame or Personalized Photo Cross is a gift that shows you took the time to give a one-of-a-kind sympathy gift of love.

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