Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Garden of Angels

Wouldn't it be heavenly to have a garden full of angels? A garden that says, 'All who enter are loved and protected by the Lord.' There are many ways in which to create a garden of angels. The first being, flowers whose name contains angel.

Angels Trumpet Flowers:
Just look at theses beautiful flowers! Once glance upon them and you can almost hear the heavenly music the Lord's angels sound with great joy. The shape of these flowers brings about their their name, and rightly so. The Angel Trumpet Flowers are large (about 20-50 cm long and 10-35 cm across) and is found in two genera. The Datura exhibits a woody, shrubbery or tree habitat with an erect flower and fruit covered with spines.
Angel Trumpet Flower Images Provided by Marantha Nursery & Landscape

Angelica Flowers:

Consisting of approximately 60 species these flowers are known as the the herbs of the Angels and according to legend, the Angelica was a gift to mankind from the Archangel Michael. Angelica will grow up 4 to 6 feet in height. Their stems are thick, fluted and hollow, and may be either green or purplish in appearance. Their foliage is bipinnate, bright green, and serrated. The flowers themselves are made up of large inflorescences that may be either light yellow, white and green or white and purple in hue. The Angelic flowers have been used medicinally for centuries in many cultures. In the Language of Flowers Angelica symbolizes Inspiration.

Cape Angels Flowers:
Cape Angels are a South African flower in the Plectranthus family. They are considered red, but are actually bluish-purple and in rare cases, pink or white. While I couldn't find out why these flowers are called Cape Angels, I like to think it is because they look like a host of angels reaching out to protect us all.

We know from the Bible that there are angels in heaven. It is comforting to think that angels are protecting
our loved ones in heaven and here on earth. Angels bring thoughts of joy, love, peace, hope and heavenly protection into the garden. It seems fitting to send angelic sympathy gifts for the garden to those who grieve.

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  1. Gorgeous flowers! I might be wrong, but I don't think we can grow those in Iowa. :) Thank you for sharing your beauty.

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