Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day Prayers for Moms to Say

For Mothers of Infants

Thank you Lord,
For my baby’s sweet smile,
It fills my heart with joy.

Thank you Lord,
For her tiny fingers,
They warm my heart with love.

Thank you Lord,
For my babies cries,
That I might fill their every need.

Thank you Lord,
For being with me,
All night, as well as through the day.

For helping me,
To be the mom,
You both have faith in me to be.


For Mothers of Toddlers

Help me Lord to lend a hand,
That guides my baby’s way.
That each new word and each new step,
Will enrich my baby’s day.

Help me Lord to teach my son,
Right from wrong your way.
With a loving voice and gentle hand,
That will encourage his every day.

Help me Lord to share your name,
With him every night and day.
So he will know your love from the start,
And grow closer to you every day.


For Mothers of Young Children


Be my eyes when I’m not there,
Guide her in her ways.

Please send a guardian of love,
To keep her out of harms way.

Build her mind to make her wise,
And handle it with grace.

Give her courage of the soul,
When enemies she must face.

But most of all I ask you Lord,
To help me let her go.

So in your light she’ll find her place,
And gratefully there she will stay.


For Mothers of Teens


I know my son faces new challenges,
Each and every day.
Weighing heavily upon his mind,
Is desire to know and have everything right away.

Help him to find the patience,
To reach for Your words every day.
For in Your words he’ll find the answers,
He needs to guide his thoughts and actions everyday.

Give me the patience, understanding and knowledge,
To help him in anyway I can.
But only when he asks me,
So as not to turn him away.

For Mothers of Grown Children

Thank you Lord for blessing me,
With the gift of a child of my own.
His infant smile and reaching hands,
Taught me to give of my love unconditionally.

His first words and steps,
Were a unique joy.
They taught me to hope,
In a future of good things for all.

When he went off to school,
And I couldn’t see him throughout the day.
I had to lean upon my faith in you,
To be his guiding shepherd every step of the way.

When he became a man,
And journeyed away.
I prayed for the strength.
To let him find his own way.

Thank you Lord for the gift of my son,
A son who brightened my every day.
He strengthened my love and hope and faith in You,
In every possible way.


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