Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mother's Day Prayers for Children to Say

Mother's Day Prayer for Young Children

Thank you Jesus for my mom,
For every day she's here.
For all she does to help me,
For always being near.

She smiles when she wakes me up,
When she cooks and cleans and plays with me.
She hugs me when I'm sad or scared.
She keeps me warm and safe.

I'm glad my mom teaches me,
All about you too.
Otherwise I'd never know,
What's right or wrong or your great love.
So help me Jesus to remember to say,
Every time my mom kisses me goodnight,
 Thanks for being the very best mom,
I love you and goodnight.


Mother's Day Prayer for Teens

Thank you Lord for giving me a mom,
with wisdom in all she does.
When I was a baby she did everything for me,
With care and love and sacrifice.
When I was a child she lead the way,
Setting a good example in every way.
Now that I'm a teenager she has faith in me,
No matter which road I take.
But in my heart I know whenever I need her,
She'll step right up to the plate.
I thank you Lord for the love you gave her,
The love she's given to me.
Help me Lord every day to find it in my heart,
To tell my mom I love her and how awesome she is to me.


Mother's Day Prayer for Adult Children

Thank you Lord for my mother.
For all her hugs and kisses,
For all her laughter and scoldings.
For all her rules and punishments,
For all her forgiveness and understanding.
For all her home cooked meals,
And all her fresh cleaned laundry.
For all her guidance and strength,
For all her hope and sadness.

Thank you Lord for my mother.
She was there when I needed her,
And when I thought I didn't.
She let me go when she needed to,
So I could live the life I choose.
No matter where she is,
She has me on her mind.
I know she's always ready,
To be my friend, my teacher, my confidant.

Thank you Lord for my mother,
For all she did and does.
Thank you Lord for my mother,
For all she taught and will teach.
Thank you Lord for my mother,
For all the love and strength she gave me.
Thank you Lord for my mother,
She means so much to me.
I pray you bless my mother and give her a happy Mother's Day.

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