Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christian Valentine Poems

My Valentine, Sweet Love of mine
You’re a blessing from the Lord.
I ask the Lord to be our center
So I can share His love with Thee.

I thank the Lord for the love you give
It sends joy my way every day.
For you’ve asked the Lord, same as me
To be First in our union of three.

How precious you are my Valentine.
You mean so much to me.
The only love greater than yours,
Is the love our Lord gives to me.

I share His love with you today,
For you share your love with me.
The love you receive from the Lord above,
No greater love could there ever be.

Our love is full of joy and peace,
And  passion on Valentine’s Day,
I feel so very  thankful,
That our love is blessed by He.

Never have I known a man like you,
One who loved me as sweetly as you do.
I feel your love strong and true,
In all you say and do.

I chose a man like you to be,
The man that I would love.
For I see the love you give to me,
Comes from our Lord above.

Our beloved Savior is our strength,
A wondrous guide indeed.
He gives the joy and peace and comfort,
That makes our love hearts sing.

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  1. Great list of poems. Thank you for sharing. Christian poems bring to light the importance of God. Thanks.