Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February is National Friendship Month

Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday of love in February. February is the National Friendship Month, and the perfect time to show your Christian love to your friends. Get in touch with old friends, tell close friends how much they mean to us, and even work on making new friends.

Getting in touch with old friends is easy these days. Google their name, or search Facebook or MySpace to find a friend you've gotten out of touche with. Then send an email and ask if you can call. Reminisce about old times. If you live near one another plan to get together, if not, plan to call one another once in a while or exchange emails

I know you make time to spend with your friends and never take them for granted, right? During February, do something special with a friend to let them know just how much you care about them and appreciate their friendship. Invite them out to dinner, or in for game night and hot chocolate. Show them how much you care with a special card or friendship gift.

Be friendly! If you see a person who looks sad, greet them and spend a few minutes speaking with them. If you see someone in need, take a few moments and help them if you can. Smile, smile, smile! It makes you feel great inside and it might just bring a smile to someone else's face. You never know, that short chance encounter with a stranger may develop into your new best friends.

Make National Friendship Month a priority this February, and your friends both old and new will feel your Christian love shining through.

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