Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Father's Day Prayers

For Father and Grandfather:


Thank you for my father,
And my grandfather too.
They followed in your footsteps,
And showed me the path to you.
I’m thankful they were loving,
Understanding and patient too.
Help me to honor them on Father’s Day,
And the whole year through.

For A Child to Say:

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me the best daddy.
He works hard to buy me food and clothes.
He works to keep our house nice too.
He plays with me and teaches me things.
He takes me to church and prays with me.
Please make this Father’s Day special for my daddy,
Because my daddy loves you,
And he taught me to love you too.


For a Teen to Say:

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for my dad. Even though he works and volunteers, and is active in church, he always has time for me.  I see my dad’s joy and feel his pride when he is with me. Even though he never says so, I know my dad sacrifices for me. No matter what I say or do, my dad has always been fair and loving with me. My dad is strong in his faith and has helped me to come  know and love you. Help me to have the courage to tell my dad, just how great a dad he is this Father’s Day.


For Adult Children To Say:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Bless my father for he is a Christian father.
He has always been an example of faith and love shining forth.
Grant me the strength to honor him always in joy and respect.
Help me to make this Father’s Day very special for him.


For Elderly Father:


Please bless my father.
The seasons change,
And he grows old,
Please give us the strength we need.
Thy will be done,
Our faith is strong,
Please bless this Father’s Day.


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