Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspirational Graduation Poems

In the graduation poems below, person can be replaced with man, woman, son or daughter where appropriate. Our, we, we’ll can be changed to I or my.

From infant to child,
To the person you’ve become,
Every memory precious,
A blessing from above.
Today you graduated,
You worked so very hard,
A wonderful beginning,
For the future yet to come.
Our joy is overflowing,
On this special day.
For your faith in the Lord,
Has brought you here today.
And when we wake tomorrow,
Another prayer we’ll say,
That each step you take forward,
The Lord will lead your way.

Hope and courage,
Joy and grace,
Brought you to graduation day.
Faith and prayers,
Throughout the coming years,
Will bring God’s blessings your way.

You opened your heart,
And asked the Lord in,
And He guided you to today.
Our love overflows,
With the person you’ve become,
And the joy of graduation day.

The Lord has a plan for you,
It began on your birth day.
It brought you to this milestone,
It’ll lead you on your way.

We congratulate you on graduation,
And pray more success comes your way.
May the Lord fill your life with happiness,
With every step you take.
New challenges stand before you,
We pray your faith stands strong.
For our love and prayers are with you,
But your future’s in God’ hands.

On your graduation day..

May God’s love light shine strong within you.
May His angel guard your path.
May He fill your heart with joy!

Faith has brought you to this wonderful day...

May God grant you an awesome future.
A future filled with good health,
Good friends, and great success.

I pray God grants all your hearts dreams,
Fills your heart with His peace.
And strengthens your soul with is love.


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