Sunday, January 04, 2015

Memories for Weddings

We all look forward to weddings. Our wedding, our sibling's weddings, our children's weddings, our friend's weddings, and our extended family weddings. Weddings are times filled with joy, love, and hope for the future. We plan the ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon, where we will live together when we are a married couple. Most importantly we plan how Christ and God our Father will be the center of our lives together. The binding tie that teaches us how to love, how to understand, how to forgive, how to keep our commitment alive until death do we part.

Sometimes a small shadow of sorrow is a part of our wedding. My mom died when I was 12. It was very painful for me knowing that she would not be there to be the last one to walk down the isle before my dad escorted me down it. I believe our loved one is with us, in the  memories we hold dear in our heart. Even so, we may wish to honor the memory of our loved one in heaven on our wedding day.

On the Alter...
Personalized Cross on Glass Picture Frame
 Personalized Life & Love Vase

Perhaps a small dedication table at the reception with...
 Personalized Cross Votive Candle Holder 


When the bride or groom has lost someone close to them, this Personalized Love & Peace Afghan Throw Blanket draped over the back of their reception chair will provide the loving comfort they need. It is an unique wedding gift that will be cherish in the couple's new home.

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