Monday, September 13, 2010

A Thanksgiving Poem

The first day of fall is almost here. It is already cool in the Pocono Mountains. The abundance of falling acorns makes me think it is already fall and of course of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I couldn't help but write an inspirational poem for Christians to share on this Thanksgiving Day.

My family gathers together,
Every Thanksgiving day.
Grandmas and grandpas,
Moms and dads,
Aunts and uncles,
And all of us kids.

We hug and kiss and reminisce.
We tell stories new and stories old.
Good times and bad times come to mind.
We smile, we laugh and sometimes shed a tear,
As our family grows together,
Year by year.

It takes a few tables
Spread from room to room,
For all of my family
To share a meal.
One big circle of love we create
As we join our hands, little and big.

We thank the Lord for all we have.
We ask His guidance in all we do.
Deep in my heart I know,
This family of mine is quite divine.
God Bless Our Family
Every day.

Perhaps you or someone in your family has written a Christian Thanksgiving poem to share. Please email it to me at with the subject "Poem for Blog."

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